How We Can Help

Why use ZIRKLE Press? This is a question you may have asked, so lets explain some very important elements in publishing.

Publishing a book can be like walking through a mine field, with obstacles and stumbling blocks all the way through the publication process. There are so many elements to be considered you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of printing presses, inks, paper, folding, page imposition, design, graphics and editorial services to name but a few.

For example, after reading one book for a while, have you ever noticed you get tired reading, while another book, you can read from cover to cover with no issues. This is down to the book design, the type should be easy to read and well spaced, and if not it will make the reader tired. This is just one example, we could fill up this page with examples like this, but the result will be the same, you need a guiding hand through the mine field.

The bottom line is that to get a book published can cost the same whether it’s ‘OK’ or something to be really proud of. So rather than chance it, call upon ZIRKLE Press for their experience and expertise.