Showing you How to Self Publish

A little about us & how to self publish assistance

how to self publishThinking of ‘how to self publish’ well ZIRKLE Press is a relatively new company, but with years of knowledge behind it. Formed because we saw the need for a small publishing company showing authors how to self publish. ZIRKLE Press offers authors and individuals a wealth of publishing and promotional knowledge.

We know that it is both exciting and scary to publish your own book so we will walk you through every step of the process and how to self publish so that the end result is a book you will be proud to sell and share with the world.

We specialize in short run printing for self published authors. From book printing to binding, ZIRKLE Press will provide for all your self publishing needs and help make your dream of being a published author a reality. We work for you and provide you just the publishing services you need when you need them.

As a one stop self publishing company, ZIRKLE Press provide all publishing services from beginning to end. We specialize in helping you how to self publish your book the way you want it to be published. ZIRKLE Press realizes that you’ve possibly invested many years of your life to your writing. The problem is that with a lot of publishing companies, the rights belong to the publishers and the majority of the royalties belong to them as well. We don’t think this is right, at ZIRKLE Press, we believe your work is just that – your work. We believe that you should make the most money from your project. You will retain all rights to your manuscript, plus retain the highest royalties in the business from your sales.

That’s the way we think it should be! We’ll show you how to self publish, make a profit and that’s the way we do business.