Your publishing solution.

ZIRKLE, offers a comprehensive pre press and press solution for smaller production runs. If you're looking to publish a book or any promotional material, you should talk with us first.

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About Zirkle Press

ZIRKLE Press is a relatively new company offering a comprehensive range of pre press and press services. Our services meet your self-publishing needs and help make your dream of being a published author a reality.

How We Can Help

Call upon our knowledge, so that you can get your book published and completed professionally and without costly unforeseen expenditure. We have the team to offer this service to you so you will have a book to be proud of and not embarrassed of.

Our Services

Although with modern technology, some elements have been made simpler, there isn't just a simple click of a mouse button and your work is published, that's why we have collected together all elements required to achieve this.

Getting Started

If you've read our other sections, you'll be ready to take the next step know that you are in safe hands with our fully qualified professionals available to guide you on this new venture. You're just a few clicks away from achieving one of your goals.

ZIRKLE Press, offer a helpful and qualified team of professionals that take the headache out of publishing and promotional projects. Whether you need a complete package, or just a smaller service, we can supply everything you need to get you to reach your goal.